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Personal Assistant of The Year Award™ 2018

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Personal Assistant of The Year Award™ 2018
To say an Executive Assistant has been redundant because of the availability of Information and Communication Technology is tantamount to saying a computer can now effectively manage the office, articulate on office procedure and carry out administrative work in the office. Can a computer welcome guests and give them the relevant information on behalf of executive offices. Of course, the answer is no. Yes, messages can be left on the voice mail but an Executive Assistant actually goes a step further by giving the caller the exact information that is needed and advise on the course of action that clients should take in order to get the services that they want.” Excerpt The Assistant Newsletter issue no 2.

TThe Awards Committee will appoint a panel of Judges of five members. This panel will be responsible for evaluating the nominations submitted for consideration in accordance with the criteria listed above, and for selecting the winner of the award.”

Statement by Nominator

Please attach a one-page statement that summarizes the nominee’s service to the organization. Show how the nominee has met the criteria mentioned above (nomination criteria). Discuss the challenges faced, the impact of the nominee’s contributions, and how they inspired others to become better professionals. Please explain why the candidate is being nominated and why they deserve the honor.

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