Business Etiquette & Skills for Secretaries & Administrators –4 weeks


Nov 21 2022 - Dec 16 2022


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Business Etiquette & Skills for Secretaries & Administrators –4 weeks

In today’s work environment, it is vitally important to be aware of protocol, corporate courtesy, good work etiquette, and customer care whilst keeping the need to understand and appreciate cultural differences in mind. A lack of awareness of or appreciation for social protocols and etiquette can undermine effective working relationships, as it may be construed as rudeness, disrespect or an intolerance of people of different cultures, positions and persuasions. Further, to remain successful and competitive organizations must take care of its customers and deliver excellent service. This interactive and dynamic course introduces participants to the features of protocols, etiquette and customer care in the workplace, giving them an advantage in every work and life encounter.

One very important aspect of being an effective frontline staff is how you carry and present yourself as an individual. First impressions are often made within a few seconds by these staff as they interact with customers. These impressions can build or destroy a good image of the organization. This programme helps participants leave a great first impression; and addresses how to deal with others in a business setting taking into account differences in cultural background.


4 weeks.


Frontline and other staff whose work involve dealing with customer on regular basis. These include secretaries, office administrators, receptionists, staff involved in protocol and handling VIPs.