Computer Assisted Human Resources Management – 4 weeks


Oct 10 2022 - Nov 04 2022


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Computer Assisted Human Resources Management – 4 weeks

The computer application in human resource management is the managerial applications of computer use which is usually known as management information system. In case of Human Resource Management, it is known as Human Resource Information System (HRIS). Computer converts the data into meaningful information needed by the manager to make decisions, planning and control.

Today HRIS is computer based information system. Manager as a decision maker is a processor of information. He must possess the ability to obtain the information, store the information, process and retrieve the information and use it for the right decision. This course targets all secretaries and assistants who are responsible for records in their organizations. The course also targets all individuals who want to improve their record management systems.


4 weeks.


All administrative Human Resource personnel, IT personnel and people newly appointed to supervisory roles, along with Secretaries and PA’s within the office environment, who want to build on their IT skills and knowledge Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive/personal assistants.

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