Computer – Based Materials Management Information Systems – 2 weeks


Oct 10 - 21 2022


All Day

Computer – Based Materials Management Information Systems – 2 weeks

Materials management deals with the flow of goods and services throughout an organization’s production process, from order placement to product delivery. Materials managers seek to find the optimal processes to both satisfy customers and maximize company profits.

Specific logistics management issues depend on the company or industry; however, programs that teach materials management skills usually also include courses in purchasing, inventory and production planning. Concepts learned in these courses are:

  • Problem solving and analysis skills
  • Understanding the management component of the field
  • Knowledge of professional opportunities for management
  • Differences between different kinds of management
  • Tools and techniques utilized


2 weeks.


All administrative IT personnel and people newly appointed to supervisory roles, along with Secretaries and PA’s within the office environment, who want to build on their IT skills and knowledge Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive/personal assistants.