Conflict Management Program– 2 weeks


Aug 08 - 19 2022


All Day

Conflict Management Program– 2 weeks

Conflict is an inherent part of any organization. Even though some conflict may be beneficial to an organization, unresolved conflict or conflict that is resolved poorly usually results in negative consequences such as job withdrawal behaviours, unionization activity, low morale, and lower levels of goal attainment.

This program will examine some of the sources of conflict at work places and identify why some conflicts never get resolved. It will work with the participants in identifying issues along the conflict path that contribute poorly resolved conflicts and those that while they have a huge potential for effective conflict resolution but parties to a conflict never take advantage of them. Much of discussion in the program will focus on collaborative conflict management approaches.

Practical conflict resolution techniques and strategies that managers and team leaders can effectively utilize when managing conflict in the workplace. Ideally the conflict management training should build on previous training, skills and knowledge of effective performance management.


2 weeks.


This program is open to policy makers, people involved in projects for whom understanding of conflict management will assist their work, government agencies, organization officials in-charge of restructuring and managers at all levels in organization setting.

The course is also aimed at managers and team leaders, the conflict resolution course provides the skills, knowledge and confidence to effectively manage and turn around conflict situations in the workplace, in a clear, assertive and constructive manner.

The event is ongoing.

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