Environmental Audit Program – 4 weeks


Oct 04 - 29 2021


All Day

Environmental Audit Program – 4 weeks

Global warming and climate change impacts are taking their toll on the environment and on people all around the world today. Economic growth activities and business activities are generating significant environmental impacts, ranging from the destruction of precious biological diversity, unsustainable exploitation of natural resources, air pollution to human health deterioration.

Environmental auditing provides an opportunity to determine the source of environmental impacts and to evaluate possible corrective action as part of regulatory environmental compliance requirements or as part of a broader environmental management plan in an organization or project.


4 weeks.


Officials responsible for carrying out environmental audits, internal and external financial, technical and systems audits, and officials implementing environmental management plans, systems, policies, and programmes within organizations and projects in the public, private, and NGO sectors. Environmental officers and inspectors are also eligible to attend the course.