Financial Management of Donor Funds – 3 weeks


Aug 02 - 20 2021


All Day

Financial Management of Donor Funds – 3 weeks

The effective use and deployment of donor funds for various projects demand careful utilization and timely reporting mechanisms to the funders. It is only when funds are effectively managed in accordance with the donor’s requirements will there be the motivation for reimbursement of financial resources.

This course is designed to promote improved compliance with operational policies and donor agency procedures on effective financial management, and to empower participants on the use of various disbursement methods and the use of periodic project management reports (PMRs) in line with donor agency disbursement and requisition requirement. This course is designed to enhance the competency of accounting professions managing World Bank projects among others like AFD & ADB

This training course was also created to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency in the acquisition and utilization of donor funds for advancement purposes, using proper application and techniques of accounting and finance concepts.


3 weeks.


  • Managers and Officers are responsible for the management and accounting for donor funds.
  • Anyone who wishes to reinforce their knowledge in managing to account for donor funds including Budget accountants, Chief Accountants, Auditors, Finance Directors, Finance Managers & Credit Controllers

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