Gender and Sustainable Development – 3 weeks


Nov 29 2021 - Dec 17 2021


All Day

Gender and Sustainable Development – 3 weeks

This course will cover the basic concepts and key international gender equality frameworks, as well as decent work agenda. We will provide tools for analysing gender issues in various settings and assist you with gender planning in all facets of your work. We will review the various forms of resistance and suggest strategies to overcome them.

The course draws mainly on well-tested  training packages. Some modules have been developed anew building on the materials and experience used during in-house training activities. Outside expertise and documents will also be used.


3 weeks.


This course will be of particular interest to: policy makers and national and local public services staff; employers and workers wishing to ensure an equitable process in their organization; regional and international development agencies; civil society representatives interested in doing advocacy work and raising awareness of gender issues; individuals interested in mainstreaming the gender approach and working in the field of gender equality.