Gender in the Public Sector – 2 weeks


Nov 01 - 12 2021


All Day

Gender in the Public Sector – 2 weeks

This course is designed to prompt an exploration of common behaviours and attitudes towards gender differences.

People in any organization are a key resource and main drivers of sustainable economic and social development. Investing in the excluded and strategic inclusion of women in top level position of companies has shown that, such companies tend to outperform those that do not (Schwab K; Global Gender Gap, 2014).

Strategic gender mainstreaming in leadership and management of governments and companies will ensure increased performance in service delivery as well as improved financial status. The scope of this course is to identify barriers to gender equity and equality and establish strategies for successful gender mainstreaming in management.


2 weeks.


The course is aimed at gender focal points, women organisations, programs and project managers, researchers, policy-makers, activists, women advocates and feminists, staff of NGOs and CBOs, staff of UN specialized agencies, donor agency field workers, volunteers, development actors, trainers,  government officials