Information Management System–4 weeks


Sep 19 2022 - Oct 14 2022


All Day

Information Management System–4 weeks

Computers have become an integral part of our daily life. Information Management Systems course explains the benefits of computers to organisations, how the work of an organisation is affected by computers and how you can deploy and manage them to support your organisation’s goals and strategies.

Information  Management Systems course will help you understand the benefits of computers to organisations and, more importantly, how to deploy and manage them to support an organisation’s goals and strategies. No matter which function of an organisation you work in—finance, marketing, human resources or production—you will need to understand how your work is affected by and how you may effectively deploy computer systems.


4 weeks.


All administrative IT personnel and people newly appointed to supervisory roles, along with Secretaries and PA’s within the office environment, who want to build on their IT skills and knowledge Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive/personal assistants.