IT Control and Security Program – 3 weeks


Oct 17 2022 - Nov 04 2022


All Day

IT Control and Security Program – 3 weeks

Training course expands on our previous and successful program, now covering more aspects of security management including the critical advanced elements of scope, procedures and practices. It provides an enhanced definition of what the discipline is all about and explains the value and cost benefit analysis it brings to the organisation. It investigates the work of the security professional and the imperative and essential contributions they make to keep assets protected from a wide range of threats. Uncovering core methodologies so equipping delegates with the ability to think swiftly and critically, a much sought-after skill for today’s security professional.

Technical knowledge and skills will involve some combination of procedural and object-oriented programming, database technology, software development methodologies, (including analysis, planning, design and implementation, operation, and maintenance).


3 weeks.


All administrative IT personnel and people newly appointed to supervisory roles, along with Secretaries and PA’s within the office environment, who want to build on their IT skills and knowledge Office professionals, office administrators, supervisors of clerical and administrative staff, and executive/personal assistants.

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