Leadership Development and Change Management – 2 weeks


Nov 01 - 12 2021


All Day

Leadership Development and Change Management – 2 weeks

Tough times, uncertain times, indeed turbulent times defy conventional approaches and knowledge. In times of tempestuous cataclysms ordinary leaders with special skill-sets can achieve extraordinary successes. The World in general and Africa in particular is at crossroads.

The old world order is under severe stress. The future is highly unpredictable. A new order is about to be birthed. Sample for instance that artificial intelligence is rendering age-old skills obsolete. Global dominance is shifting. Populations in developing nations are increasingly pyramidal leaving hordes of unemployed youths at the base of that pyramid. Nations are turning inwards. Populism is on the rise. What skill set should leaders covert to steer through this uncertain minefield?


2 weeks.


Corporate CEOs/Executive Directors; Corporate Directors; other Senior Corporate Executives; Ministers; Permanent Secretaries and other Senior Government Officials; Leaders of NGOs