Management Strategies to Mitigate Drought -3 weeks


Oct 04 - 22 2021


All Day

Management Strategies to Mitigate Drought -3 weeks

Management Strategies to Mitigate Drought: Monitoring, Risk Analysis and Contingency Planning – 3 weeks

This training is intended to increase the participants’ understanding about climate change and to explore possible solutions. There are actions that can be taken to prepare for a more variable climate and we can make a case to our policy makers to prepare for change.

The most important immediate action concerns the way we manage our water resources. Improving our management of water today will prepare us to adapt tomorrow. Improved understanding of our water resources will allow more efficient and flexible allocation systems and better investment in infrastructure, both to improve access to water and reduce risks from climate change.


3 weeks.


This training is meant for practitioners, decision and policy makers working in the development/environment/climate change adaptation sectors and specifically those in disaster management, volunteers and staff working with organizations tasked with human development. This includes individuals working with government institutions, NGOs the UN, intergovernmental bodies and the private sector.