Managing Libraries and Documentation Centre – 3 weeks


Aug 08 - 26 2022


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Managing Libraries and Documentation Centre – 3 weeks

Libraries have played a big role since the human being begun to seek to understand what lies beyond what is known. Scholars, decision makers, planners and even the general knowledge seekers have for ages depended and continue to depend on them. Information was kept on formats like animal skins; walls; papyrus.

These formats have turned out to be useful sources of very rare information/knowledge. It is important to ensure that the people who are in charge of such information sources are well trained in developing, designing, evaluating systems that are used for creation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information to the clients.


3 weeks.


Information Services managers e.g., Librarians, Documentalists, Knowledge workers in fields like health, industry, education, public services, etc.