Medical Waste Management Workshop – 2 weeks


Aug 09 - 20 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Medical Waste Management Workshop – 2 weeks

Waste generated by health care activities includes a broad range of materials, from used needles and syringes to soiled dressings, body parts, diagnostic samples, blood, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and radioactive materials.

Poor management of health care waste potentially exposes health care workers, waste handlers, patients and the community at large to infection, toxic effects and injuries, and risks polluting the environment. It is essential that all medical waste materials are segregated at the point of generation, appropriately treated and disposed of safely. South Africa’s waste industry is experiencing a lot of changes making it even more important for waste management professionals to be equipped with the necessary skills and tool. This course will address all aspects of waste management.


2 weeks.


Health Facility managers, TB/infection control program managers, occupational health officers, architects, engineers, medical staff (screening staff), environmental health inspectors, occupational health inspectors, building inspectors, infrastructure managers, electricians and other interested staff