Road Fleet Operations, Maintenance and Management – 3 weeks


Oct 04 - 22 2021


All Day

Road Fleet Operations, Maintenance and Management – 3 weeks

The short course in Fleet Management provides you with a basic understanding of the different elements of fleet management, while specifically focusing on vehicle utilization, whole-life costs, tendering, vehicle maintenance and regulatory requirements.

The road transport industry is very diverse and affects all of us. It has a cost component in the food and commodities we buy. We experience it when we use it as passengers in public transport, or drive in own cars. Its various dimensions include own- account as opposed to for-hire transport, freight versus public passenger transport and private versus commercial transport. There is evidence that cost and other measures of performance of transport industry in the region that we cover is below par.

This course brings together practitioners in the road transport industry. It has packaged together tools and procedures necessary for the analysis and consequent application to the fleet in your firm. It aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the participants in transport management and there are some myriad ways in which this can be done.


3 weeks.


This course is ideal for you if you are employed as a fleet manager or transport officer.
Those that have some administrative, supervisory and technical roles to play in transport firms/units both in the public and the private sector. These cadres include transport managers/officers, fleet operations managers, maintenance managers, workshop managers/superintendents. It should also be of interest to those public sector officials involved in policy development and tariff setting for road transport.