Storekeeping and Stock Control 3 weeks


Aug 09 - 27 2021


All Day

Storekeeping and Stock Control 3 weeks

Attendees will learn how the stores or warehouse function affects and contributes to both the profitability and efficiency of an organisation and the importance of controlling inventory.

Attendees are made aware of the significant investment stock represents and the necessity for strict control.

Contemporary methods and techniques for the efficient storage of inventory are explained along with emphasis on practical issues such as security, stock accuracy, optimising the use of space, reducing surplus and obsolete stock and stocktaking.


3 weeks.


Intended for all stores and warehouse personnel who require a greater understanding and appreciation of their important role in inventory management and business efficiency. It is also suitable for those who manage and interface with the function and therefore need to be aware of the operational and financial benefits of an effective stores and warehouse activity.