Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation -3 weeks


Nov 22 2021 - Dec 10 2021


All Day

Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation -3 weeks

It is responsible for monitoring internal activities to allow managers to take corrective action if necessary. In short, effective ways to monitor and evaluate a strategic plan must contain ways to monitor goals and indicators to ensure that the “future” is going as planned, “doing things right.”

The ‘Strategic Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation ’ course is a comprehensive program that covers the standards and procedures for results-based monitoring and evaluation for end-to-end project lifecycles.

This course endows participants with competences in setting up and implementing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems involving data management, analysis, and reporting.


3 weeks.


  • Researchers, development staff, process practitioners, project managers and decision-makers
  • Anyone involved in the processes of research, supervise, manage, plan, implement, monitor and evaluate development project