Transport Economics and Policy – 3 weeks


Oct 04 - 22 2021


All Day

Transport Economics and Policy – 3 weeks

In this course participant will learn to apply microeconomic concepts of demand, costs, pricing, and project evaluation to analyze transportation activities. Participant will also how to examine the tradeoff of efficiency and equity concerns surrounding transportation public policy issues such as congestion pricing, transportation network services (e.g., Uber and Lyft), urban parking, transit systems, efficiency standards, airports and airlines, transportation mobile applications, and other alternative modes of transportation demanded by passengers and shippers

This course build upon the foundation laid in the earlier course: Transportation management. It introduces participants to more advanced knowledge and analytical techniques to enable them better manage their transport enterprises.


3 weeks.


Those who have attended the IRC transport management course;
Those who have attended transport management courses equivalent to the IRC course;
Managers with advanced qualifications in transport from professional bodies such as chartered institute of logistics and transport, institute of transport administration.

Corporate and executive staff from sectors- Road, Rail, Air and Water
Transport Authorities- Aviation, Maritime, Road and Railway
Navigation Service Providers
Ground operations service providers
Traffic Controllers and other operational staff
Representatives of transport business