Lilybenta Waringa

Lilybenta Waringa is a certified sign language interpreter. She worked as a volunteer teacher with special needs children in Treeside Secondary School for the deaf for 4 years. She taught agriculture and also practiced it. She realized the gifts she has in KSL-Agriculture can be used turn to voice and actually look forward to delivering finely-crafted spoken English messages that allow her clients who are deaf to create great relationships with their colleagues who can hear.
She would like to share her expertise, experience and also join a community where there are other interpreters who share language and values about their work. She loves getting into the world of hearing-impaired persons because they cannot come to her world, but she can.
She loves making them feel accepted and helping them understand that we are all differently enabled. Her dream is to become a sign language interpreter for local and international conferences. She loves sports like volleyball, netball and hiking.