Anne Songole

Anne Songole is an experienced policy, advocacy and communications professional who currently works as the Climate Justice Coordinator at the African Women’s Development and Communication Network based in Nairobi, Kenya. Her initial work experience was in the public sector where she enforced government policies and facilitated provision of key services. She has worked closely with communities like the internally displaced, survivors of GBV, rural women, communities facing discrimination on account of their HIV status and communities in need of relief services. Her experience in the public sector spanned eight years.

Upon leaving the public sector, Anne put her skills to use in policy advocacy in energy and climate change within the NGO space. She found that she had a knack for partnership building and stakeholder management, with a systems mindset. A leadership training increased her self-awareness helping her find her footing working with indigenous groups, vulnerable women in rural settings and energy-poor communities in sub-Saharan Africa. Her rewarding journey has led her to this role through which she believes African women’s stories, contexts and lived experiences of climate change will be told, and their resilience built to combat the inevitable climate crisis. She volunteers in digital space advocacy movements and is an active church member, who gives back through mentorship support and provision of sanitary towels to a few girls in a Kenyan village to the south of the country.

Country: Kenya
Twitter @AnnSongole