Danene vd Westhuyzen

Danene’s passion for fair and ethical hunting has amplified her stand with numerous conservation and anti-poaching organizations over the past years. She is the past president of the Namibian Professional Hunters Association (NAPHA), CEO of Operators & Professional Hunting Associations of Africa (OPHAA), Trustee of Hunters United Against Poaching, Board Member of The Nature Conservation Board of Namibia and serves on the DSC Conservation Advisory Board.

She was also elected as Director to the Conservation Force board in late January 2020. She has won the DSC Operator of the Year Award and the APHA OX of Okavango Award for her “immense contribution towards conservation.” Danene served as the ambassador for Southern Africa at the world One With Nature event held in Hungary in 2021, where she also received the presidential accolade awarded to her by the deputy prime minister Dr. Zsolt Semjén, and the government commissioner Zoltán Kovács, at the Hungarian Parliament. She is an optometrist, dangerous game PH, wife and mother of three. She and her husband Gysbert operate ARU Game Lodges with its conservation initiatives.

Danene van der Westhuyzen, who was mentored by her father, began hunting at an early age. Eventually, her passion for hunting and a desire to bring about changes in the industry motivated her to discontinue her optometry practice, and become a professional hunter. Obtaining a covered PH licence in Namibia requires up to six years of rigorous training and passing a series of exams. 

Danene vd Westhuyzen
Owner | Business Manager | PH at ARU Game Lodges
+264 (0) 81-129-5536 ,
danene@arugamelodges.com, danenevdw@gmail.com

Country: Namibia