Dr Claire Kinuthia

Dr. Claire Kinuthia is a Specialist Obstetrician/Gynaecologist, Founder and Creative Director and Managing Director. She champions for increased access to affordable and judgment-free Reproductive and Sexual Health services in Kenya.

She is based in Nairobi, Kenya running her vibrant clinical practice at PrimeCare Health Services at Mayfair Centre in Upperhill. Her aim is to facilitate access to quality healthcare to all her patients regardless of their identity, orientation, or social status.

She is also a renowned Health Educator and blogger with a proven leadership record and works consistently towards empowering Kenyans through access to holistic health information. In 2015 she created the award-winning blog, “They call me Daktari” (Swahili for Doctor), It has grown it to include a large social media community on various platforms.

She uses these platforms to help demystify and humanise healthcare providers by sharing experiences (challenges and successes) and to provide mentorship to younger colleagues in training. The platforms also provide useful medical information (primarily covering sexual and reproductive health topics) in an easy-to-understand manner.

Her content can be found on her 5-minute Fridays show on Instagram and Facebook and via short videos on TikTok. (all @theycallmedaktari) She is also working with various local and international media houses to advice on health topics in order to ensure dissemination of accurate Reproductive and Sexual Health information.

She is the Managing Director of Claire’s Argan Gold, a start-up cosmetic company founded in 2021 which was an inspiration from her first visit to beautiful Morocco, prior to the Pandemic. The aim of the company is to bring the healing benefits of Moroccan Argan oil to consumers in East Africa through enriching, luxurious organic skin and hair care products.

Traditionally Argan oil has been available internationally but no real effort was made to make it readily available affordably in sub-Saharan Africa, despite African skin and hair being the most best suited to its benefits.

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