Fatma Mohamed

Fatma Mohamed has a background in legal career with an LLM in Public & International Law. She is also trained as a community coach with a certificate in women empowerment. She has 16 years of office work experience in Administration, CasShe is a former staff member of the UN, specifically with The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR).

The International Criminal Tribunal Yugoslavia (ICTY) and The International Court of Justice in The Hague. (ICJ). Her most recent contract with the International Court of Justice was in January 2022 She lives in the Netherlands. She is ‘ten women in one’ that’s how her mother refers to her. She is all in one, a proud single parent; besides being, a nurse, a teacher, a guide, a consultant, a counsellor and a consoler of the family… and sometimes a storyteller.

She is a lady striving towards her own definition of freedom and success. Multiple tasking, open minded, flexible and extremely independent. She had recently been offered a very high and demanding position as a “Homemaker”; it is a full-time day job, as well as at night. It’s one of very high demand and responsibility but has its perks, one filled full of kisses, emotions, love and patience. The job description is too long to be listed. This means she is not available to work for any company until further notice. 

Currently, she is back to school and working on 2 projects. Firstly, she fabricates customised bed sheets and linen, and she is developing her own brand. Secondly, she is working on the development of an orphanage in Tanzania, East Africa, where she envisages feeding and clothing young age orphans from the ages of 1 month to 7 year olds. She has come to appreciate that God is not only in the Mosques or in the Churches, but is within us and in all His creations and that it is in these places that we can really find HIM. She believes that every one of us has got a divine mission to fulfil big or small that can be, let’s take a chance.

 Management and Prosecutions area.

Country: Netherlands