Rujeko Masike

Harare Institute of Technology, Belvedere,
Harare Zimbabwe
Eng. Rujeko Masike is a Doctoral fellow in Robotics (Amity University India), MEng.Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (NUST), BEng Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (NUST), MZweIE. Engineer Masike is the chairperson in the Department of Industrial & Manufacturing Engineering at Harare Institute of Technology, from 2011 up to 2022.
She is a dedicated and results-driven engineer and researcher who pushes the boundaries of engineering and innovation to give real-life solutions to local and international problems through research and design methods.
She is pursuing studies and research in Robotics with emphasis on Industrial Automation and Artificial Intelligence. She has published more than 10 articles and has also worked towards inspiring, motivating and training Women in Engineering. She is also a product of Women in Leadership.