Christine M Vulimu

Christine M Vulimu

Christine IS A DREAM REVIVER. Looking at every woman she meets as an amazing FIRE BRAND, A MATTER OF TIME EXPLOSION. Running with the late Archbishop Desmond Tutus THOUGHTS. “Any society that wants to grow invests in women.”

Riding on an open pick up in her late 70s, she noticed a young girl maybe in her early teens, being escorted by two elderly women to her supposed husband. In her arms was a new born baby who to her appeared to be a few days old. The young girl could hardly walk. She had just delivered. She was mad to sit at the back of an open van, a wooden bench being marched to her new home. Since that moment, tacked away in her subconscious sat the desire to support ONE WOMAN, ONE GIRL …at a time, whose life seems to have been buried in the sea of forgetfulness. She crisscrosses the world, the Kenyan schools, women groups in churches and self-help groups encouraging them to get up, dust themselves, look in the mirror at the amazing person they see and change the world.

She drums for the women to be themselves since everyone else is taken.

She is a co-founder of INFINITY COACHING LTD. A team that picks out the uniqueness of individuals and supports them to BE THEIR BEST. Working with each gift to experience FREEDOM, GROWTH AND FULFILMENT in the most important areas of their lives. WORK, MONEY, RELATIONSHIPS and PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT.

Her tagline forever will be, “NEVER HURT ANOTHER WOMAN. SHE IS YOU. HOLD HER HAND, IT IS YOUR HAND.” She celebrates every woman on this forum. Every thought you bring into being that has changed the world of women. Every silent cry that turned into the strength we see now.