Dorcas Maishorua

Dorcas Maishorua

Dorcas Naishorua Umaka is a mentor, Plant operator, piano coach and vocalist. She is a capacity-building activist for skills development, education and talent realisation. She recently completed her diploma in civil Engineering.

She was brought up in a society that appreciates beadwork. but practices FGM and early marriages. In 2019 after being crowned Miss Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology, she felt the urge to empower young girls and women in her community. At the age of 19 she formed a group and launched it at the age of 21. The group was named Naaaripisho which means’ those who bead’. They taught themselves everything to do with beadwork.

In 2021, they started singing with the survivors of FGM and Early marriage to create the awareness on the need to end the practices. One year later they decided that they wanted to do more as a group, they changed and registered their group’s to ISILAN SELF HELF GROUP. This is in an effort to make the members create their own financial freedom that would help them to raise their families. They would get clients, make the beaded items, sell them and get paid.

The group started with 32 ladies and they have become confident, happy, optimistic and vocal women in the society. The group’s goal is to make every girl feel that she is part of the community regardless of what they have been through, worth, appreciated, loved and cared for.

She has always loved to see girls pursuing different careers without feeling guilty about it.

  • Kenya