Dr. Emily Jebii Kibet

Dr. Emily Jebii Kibet

Emily is an Educationist with a Doctor of Philosophy in Education Leadership and Management.

She has participated in policy formulation and implementation at various levels in Government and also utilized her management and leadership skills to provide direction, mentorship and leadership to various learning institutions.

She spearheaded partnership between their local Government and an international agency that led to the setting up of an ICT centre that train the locals in computer skills with the intention to contribute towards economic development.

She has participated in campaigns against Female Genital Mutilation by promoting the implementation of alternative rites of passage in her community. She has served as a Board member in two Educational institutions.

She participated in several conferences, training and workshops including Women in Leadership conference, International Dialogue on Land, Lives and Peace in Caux, Switzerland, several educational leadership workshops and seminars and Strategic Leadership Development program conducted by the Kenya School of Government.