Khani Talli

Khani Talli

Khani Talli is an Office Administrator at Kibabii University in the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for the last ten years. She owes this to have started at a lower level and is eager to learn and give the best service whenever she is discharging her duties.

Working in the office of the Vice-Chancellor and having vast experience in the university set up for 20 years gave her an opportunity to travel to Lesotho in 2018 for PAYA symposium, where she was a 3rd Runners Up Winner.

Kibabii University her workplace is at ten years today since it started in 2012, it is in a celebratory mood at the moment.

For her it has not been an easy journey she recommends that one needs to have a clear mindset, confidence and know what they want for things to roll out for them.

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