‘Mapaballo Dee Mokole

‘Mapaballo Dee Mokole

‘Mapaballo Mokole is the Personal Assistant to the General Manager of Investment and Trade Promotion Unit with over 10 years of administrative experience. She was the 3rd runner-up of the PAYA Award in 2019.

To ensure outstanding productivity, performance, adherence to organizational procedures and policies she oversees scheduling, meeting coordination, calendar management, travel arrangements, budgeting, project management, and records maintenance.

To ensure streamlined operations and business success in fast-paced environments she Interacts effectively with cross-functional departments.

She thrives in balancing multiple tasks within deadline and providing top-level customer service earning consistent recognition by staff and peers.

She is always supportive, well prepared to extend her record of exceptional service to her team, and. she embraces challenges positively.

She is of the opinion that “Success isn’t about the money you make but the difference you make in people’s lives.”

Kingdom of Lesotho mjokole@lndc.org.ls

+266 68572802

  • Kingdom of Lesotho