Moroesi Mothala

Moroesi Mothala

Ms. Moroesi Mothala is a Professional Secretary with 18 years of experience. She has worked in different Divisions/Units as a Personal Assistant (PA) to the Chief executives and Heads of Divisions. She was the PAYA 2021 1st Runner-Up.

She has vast knowledge in Corporate activities and processes from strategic to operational levels. Her leadership, resourcefulness, innovation and creativity have been demonstrated through being organized. She is always ready and flexible to work throughout the week to ensure that the activities of the Division are well organized and leads her staff to support other team members.

She has demonstrated consistent professionalism supporting the Corporate Board of Directors in different decision-making Committees.

She continually contributes to a positive, collaborative work environment with amazing commitment and exemplary self­-discipline.

Kingdom of Lesotho

+266 22312012

  • +266 22312012
  • Kingdom of Lesotho