Ruth Mwihaki Kamau

Ruth Mwihaki Kamau

Ruth is a professional Secretary, a tutor, mentor, landlady, an investor and a trained Integrity Assurance Officer (IAO). She has been the church/Parish treasurer for close to nine years which earned her a fully paid trip (pilgrimage) to 5 European countries in 2016. Under her leadership, she started a Secretariat Centre within the University and participated as a part-time tutor. She has mentored and nurtured very many professional secretaries who are now working across the country. She has been a professional secretary for the last 32 years working at Egerton University. Currently, she is the Executive Secretary to the Principal, Nakuru Town Campus.

In the year 2011, she won an award for the best worker. She is a member of Kenya National Secretaries Association (KENASA), Egerton University Secretarial Club since its inception in 1999. She was the Club’s Chair-lady for 8 years and during her leadership, she spearheaded the registration of the Club members to KENASA. She is a holder of a Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Management (KNEC) and a Higher Diploma in Secretarial Management (PITMAN).

She wanted to really advance academically/professionally by doing a degree in Bachelor of Business Management but after lacking quorum, she decided to venture into business.

She has headed several groups and is a member of various groups including WEMA Ladies, Blessed family (BLEFA), Egerton University Investment Women Group, Tenchick Self Help Group, Nyumba Welfare, She is a secretary who does not believe in just sitting behind the computer performing secretarial duties only. She has used her skills to uplift her fellow secretaries and other women/men in the community and the church. Through her leadership, many families of fellow colleagues point a finger at her – the investor. She is an icon to many.

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