10 Tips to Good Client Service

Clients are the reason organisations exist. Organisations exist to satisfy some kind of need and as long as the need exists there will always be clientele. Organisations, therefore, apply many tactics in order to please clients and enhance their experience. Depending on the type of organisation, below are some tips, organisations apply in order to enhance client service.
Remember “People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care,” Teddy Roosevelt.
Tip 1: Greet by hand
If the type of organisation is one that you know your clients in person, then greet by hand-shake whenever you physically meet. Physical hand-shake creates a connection between you and your client. Sometimes it can even be emphasised with an extended hand-shake.
Tip 2: Address by title

People like titles. Addressing clients by titles rather than their names makes people feel great. Common titles of Sir and Madam can just do great. Apply titles like Engineer, Pastor, Sister, Doctor, etc. whenever they are known.

Tip 3: Listen then respond

Whenever a client calls on, whether by phone or physically, give them time to express what has brought them in first. Welcome them by thanking them for keeping you busy.

Tip 4: Mind the language

Clients give us the opportunity to provide solutions, not problems. So it is good to use a language like “How can we be of service to you?”

Tip 5: Ask questions
Ask your clients questions so that you get to understand their needs so that you can satisfy those needs. Needs may not be static. They may change, and if so, get it from the clients.
Tip 6: Create consensus on issues

Whenever possible or practical, create consensus with your client on some issues. This way clients feel valued.

Tip 7: Speedy resolution of issues

Whenever a client raises an issue let it be resolved as fast as possible.

Tip 8: Ask if the issue was resolved

Always confirm from the client if the issue was resolved to satisfaction, and if not, then promise to look further into the issue for a better solution.

Tip 9: Promise to look into it if there is no immediate answer

Whenever a client raises an issue and there is no immediate solution, it is better to promise the client that the matter will be looked into instead of telling the client that “there is no solution at the moment”.

Tip 10: Knowledge for all

An organisation that has all of its staff having good knowledge about its goods or services is likely to please its clients because anyone can give an immediate answer and satisfy the client rather than wasting time.

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